About 8 Diamond Apparel

As an individual with a lifelong passion for creativity — creativity is what makes me happy – which is why I started my line of unique rave outfits, 8 Diamond Apparel! For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved designing and making new things. Since I learned to sew at a young age and have been fascinated with learning how things were built and making my ideas come to life. I genuinely believe in the transformative power of clothes that make you feel fabulous, that can elevate your experiences, and engage others with your sense of style. One of a kind designs and excellent relationships with customers who value small business’, this is what I’m striving for. I love to make elaborate costumes and clothing that is just fun with unique and enticing prints. 

Everything I have created for you has been hand-crafted, meaning all of 8 Diamond Apparel’s pieces are comprised of my unique, one of a kind, patterns. Initially, I started selling all of my creations at smaller markets in the Kootney’s/the Okanagan, and then moved up to selling them in boutiques. I have slowly been growing my store over the years, and it now includes an extensive collection of fun, unique items that make me smile. I have handpicked everything I sell from across B.C. to sell alongside the clothing I’ve created. All of my 8 Diamond Apparel’s fashion-forward clothing items have been hand-crafted in beautiful British Columbia. As an artist, all of my designs were have been created with you in mind – someone who wants to look fantastic and stand out in distinctive patterns, to have you looking and feeling great, and to catch everyone’s attention wherever you go this summer.

Oh, and one more thing if you’re reading this:


You are f@cking awesome for supporting small business!