Colourful Feathers/Small Leopard Print Crop Top




Look extra stylish this summer with the Colourful Feathers/Small Leopard Print Crop Top by 8 Diamond Apparel! Switch up your style to best fit your mood or upcoming occasion as this crop top is fully reversable with two completely different styles to choose from on either side. Perhaps you want to feel a bit girly this weekend and want to wear this crop top’s colourful feather side to that concert your stoked about. Or, if you’re in more of a cheeky mood, switch this crop top over to its leopard print pattern and slay with sass at that Friday night beach party that’s coming up. Whatever the occasion, this crop top will fit your desired look for different events perfectly and can be paired up with a variety of cute accessories to make it into a complete outfit! 8 Diamond Apparel offers this crop top in one size fits most, and is handmade in British Columbia, Canada. Freely dance until your heart is content while wearing this crop top, as its lace tie can be adjusted so easily to perfectly fit your body type. This crop top is designed by an artist who enjoys creating unique items that are fun and personal to your style and has created these crop tops for you to show off your summer body while being completely comfortable. So get yourself looking flowery and cute for the next summer rave, or bring out your sassy leopard print side down at the beach – the choice is up to you!


Handmade: From Maple Ridge British Columbia, Canada


Colours: Reversible, Colourful Feathers/Small Leopard Print Crop Top

Content and Care:

Fabric Used: Nylon and Spandex

Washing Instructions: Hand wash with cold water, Air Dry or tumble dry on low.

Do not Iron. Do not dry clean.

Size and Fit:
Adjustable & O/S Fits Most


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